Dear Festival organizers and agents all over the world,

Hinoki-ya is the band which has been performed its original music and obtained excellent evaluation throughout the world.
We play and sing folk and traditional music of Japanese on some traditional musical instruments; Shinobue (Japanese flute), Taiko, guitar, and pianica (Kenban harmonica). The band will be able to tell the audiences about Japanese music with the world influence with those instruments.
Needless to say that Japanese drums (Taiko) has unique deep throbbing sound.  While Taiko sound travels into the world, its sound of nostalgia, melody and rhythm fascinate world-people without the words.

Moreover, the energetic vocalist,  Hiroshi Watanabe, draws audiences together with festival mood with his rap-like-rhythm.
His performance moves audiences with happiness, sadness, joy, and all human emotions.

So, our music to all adults, children, people from all around the world...

Please consider Hinoki-ya to work with your organization in your festival.
We will be grateful if our request is put in your kind consideration.

Feel free to contact Hitococochi Ltd., about  performance consultation and request.



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