"Hinoki-ya", formed in Hakodate 1998, specialize in Japanese music with a world influence. Their repertoire ranges from traditional folk songs to pieces expressing nature. The group's performances feature Shinobue flute, Taiko, guitar, and percussion. Hinoki-ya have participated at world festivals in Croatia (2002), Brazil (2004), France (2005), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007), energizing audiences with their rhythm and energy.

Shinobue flute, Kenban-Harmonica
Hailing from Nara Prefecture. Master’s degree (pedagogy) acquisition in Hokkaido University of Education. Founded “Hinoki-ya” in 1998 and takes charge of Shinobue flute and the Kenban-Harmonica. Naoto takes an active part with the member in overseas folk music and art festivals, who also has been the Hakodate tourist ambassador since 2004 and searching for the ideal way of the town that the culture, the art, and people exchange.

Taiko, Vocal
Born in Kamo-cho, Kyoto Prefecture. Joined Hinoki-ya in 1998. Chiefly takes charge of the Taiko drum and vocal. Putting the experience of the East Japan and The Tohoku (northeast Japan) district local performing, she is the kernel of the performance in Hinoki-ya. Directs the latest CD&DVD "Live Putovanje" and wrote the "Ashita-fuku-kaze".

Coming from Iwamizawa-shi, Hokkaido Prefecture. Graduated form the Hokkaido University of Education in Hakodate. Became a member of Hinoki-ya in 1998 and plays the percussion and Kenban-Harmonica. Besides Hinoki-ya performance, has participated in the production of the stage “Wai Wai Family Ongaku Sai” (2007-) for parents and children programs. She has the Taiko drumming workshop introducing the joy of the music.

Guitar, Vocal
Hailing from Yakumo-cho, Hokkaido Prefecture. Started singing on the street while studying at the Hakodate University and impressed the “Okushiri Kyusai Folk Festival”(1993) that was performed for the Okushiri Tsunami relief activity by a Japanese well-known singer, IZUMIYA Shigeru. Produced the “Do- mo”, independence CD label, and the “Uta Ichiba”, folk musical event. Joined Hinoki-ya in 1998 and plays the guitar and vocal.

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Overseas - Hinoki-ya has done solo performances in the world music and art festivals and the outdoor festivals around 11 different countries so far.


Croatia "SMOTRA The 43th International Folk Festival" 2009 -Supported by The Japan Foundation (JF)
Bosnia and Herzegovina "Bas(c(arsijs(ke Noc(i" 2009 -Supported by JF
Brazil "Ano do Interca^mbio Japa~o-Brasil, Hinoki-ya Tour in Brazi'ria, Goia'nina, and Palmas" 2008
Singapore "Isetan Hokkaido Fair" 2008
Germany "Japan Day in Du"sseldorf" 2008 -Supported by JF
France "Lyon Music Festival" 2007
Belarus "The 15th anniversary in Belarus diplomatic relation establishment of Japan" 2007
Croatia "Hinoki-ya in Zadar and Zagreb" 2007
Bosnia and Herzegovina "Bas(c(arsijs(ke Noc(i" 2007 -"Hinoki-ya tour in Europe" promoted by JF
Australia "Lake Macquarie - Sister city of Hakodate" 2007
Australia "Melbourne Moomba Waterfest"2007-Supported by JF, The Ito-gumi 100th commemoration fund (Ito-gumi)
Brazil "Hinoki-ya in Rio Grande Do Sul" 2006-Supported by JF, The Hokkaido Foundation (HF), and Ito-gumi
France "Lyon Music Festival" 2005
Greece "Navplion International Festival" 2005 -"Hinoki-ya tour in Europe" promoted by JF
Taiwan "Hinoki-ya Taiwan Tour" 2004
Brazil "7th International Folk Festival" 2004 -Supported by JF, HF, and The City of Hakodate
Croatia "SMOTRA The 36th International Folk Festival" 2002
U.S.A. "California Taiko Invitational in Stanford University" 2001

Domestic - Hinoki-ya performed in the appreciation of music, school campus festivals, in-store live, the indoor events with hundreds of people, and the outdoor theaters with thousands of audience.

Hakodate "World Music and Dance Festival" 2008
Hokkaido prifecture "Hokkaido Junkai Sho-gekijo" 2007
Hakodate "Reception of Christmas Fantasy" 2006
Ginza, Shibuya, and Sapporo "Apple Store Special Event" 2006
Asahikawa "Live Jam" 2005-2007
Nagakute "Expo 2005 Aichi Japan" 2005
Ishikari "Rising Sun Rock Festival" 2004
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